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I made an Immaculate Collection 30th Anniversary box set

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Madonna - The Immaculate Collection 30th Anniversary Hey gang - long-time reader/lurker, infrequent poster  Like everyone else, I'm frustrated at the lack of any anniversary/expanded/box-set/celebratory anythings from Madonna. Like a Prayer turned 30 and we got that ridiculous EP. For The Immaculate Collection's 30th anniversary this year, I knew we weren't likely to get anything nice, so I designed something myself and put it out in the universe to see what would happen. Tadaaaa.

Wow! I posted this and went to bed expecting a couple of replies in the morning but nothing like this. You're all sweethearts, thank you so much. To answer a few questions: the bigger idea I came up with was what if we got one of these box sets for every album? Each one would include their own coloured vinyl singles (with album-themed label artwork) and CD maxi singles, and once they're all out there, one could imagine her team would release a giant singles collection of all her singles on

For a moment I thought you were sharing the Get Over demo  This should me sent to Guy... Why's it so hard to release? I can imagine Madonna's reaction: Didn't they get the Royal Box already? Why are they complaining?

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