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Madame X Tour DVD


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5 hours ago, stefo said:

Some consider this cheap in term of production, I disagree, I think she choose a “man to man” tone of voice, a radical theatre production. Once again, what does not excell is the underuse of the possibilities that theatre can provide in terms of lights and equipment: I think the only mistake she did was not entrusting a theatre director to design the show with her. Killers is magic, maybe one of her best performance ever, I consider Crazy the best coreography of the show, Batuka and Come Alive definitely get their purpose, thought and emotion provoking the first and joyful and hopefull the second, Extreme Occident, Frozen, Future are all highlights.


great review

I don't agree with everything you wrote, but this part feels quite right.

I really don't know who can seriously pretend that it was cheap in terms of production. Maybe people who never saw a theater performance...

The whole scenography was about real sets and projections, not screens on which you can obviously screen anything virtually. The show had a material feeling that previous M concerts didn't have for along time.

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Going to make a highlights playlist for the car later (B&O 10 speaker sound system so it'll sound awesome!) of what I think of as the best parts of the show audio wise...

God Control
Welcome To My Fado Club
Extreme Occident
Come Alive
I Rise

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I’ve gotta say, the tour was amazing. I was so glad there was less editing, apart from the eye patch on/off, the show was pretty cohesive in terms of editing. The vocals were mastered 100x better than the ones in the RHT, we could actually hear the live vocals. Although Madame X isn’t my favourite album, the tour has definitely made me appreciate it a lot more.

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3 hours ago, danbekim said:

Why are some of the footages and mic feed lower quality? like for some of the speeches are part HQ and part LQ. The auction of the polaroid part looked like they used fan footage?

they used footage from an iPhone for some speeches and footage, that's why the audio and video quality is lower

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7 hours ago, PlayPause said:

In what universe every live album before this one was a sheer soundboard recording? 

I never said that was the main problem. The problem here is the fact that the "live album" is an awkwardly butchered audio version of the film with mostly clunky transitions that don't blend well at all. Like a badly compiled MP3 CD bootleg.

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14 hours ago, Ekans said:

P+ sucks so much. I'm trying to watch it on my laptop and the image is all pixelated... Can't seem to figure out how to put in HD. Definitely not a connectivity problem.

Yeah, I tried to watch it on my desktop computer and it wouldn't do fullscreen. The P+ app on my AppleTV worked fine though. 

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I'm not mad she cancelled on me anymore. I really loved the Madame X album even though the autotune really messes up many tracks, it's still a good concept and solid album. On the other hand i felt totally cold watching that film. Maybe it will grow on me  later, maybe i'll adore it in a few years, maybe i'm not in tune with Madonna anymore at the moment. It's not bad, it just left me cold and maybe the problem is me.

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