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God Control Remixes?


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7 hours ago, blondebenji said:

maybe shes holding back because clubs arent open atm and thats the chart she would be aiming for????

Hope we get offer nissims


That would make sense, but she's been consistent in releasing the remixes one after one another for the clubs.  I would have thought if God Control was going to have official remixes released, it would have happened already.

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Guest Nobody Knows Me
14 minutes ago, Fat Witcher said:

We can only hope that she'll feel inspired in the future to write and release a single in 2021, so she can add another decade to her record. Maybe produced by Stuart Price or at least with remixes by him... lol

A dream! 

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On 6/6/2020 at 12:54 PM, Blue Jean said:

If that stopped her releasing remixes then it would stop her releasing the live performance too.

Good point. Because that’s what did LDLHA on Rebel Heart Tour. Maybe they want to release them later, closer to the tour release? Or maybe they just threw it all out in favor IDSIF. 

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