Madonna Fanmade Singles VIA @Frank Madame X CD Singles

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@Frank I finally got around to printing the cd artworks you made for the Madame X singles. I went with your choices of files because I was too lazy to edit. LOL

Though I did use your design to make I Don't Search I Find.  I made the CD labels to all look the same. Here is the finished project .. thank you AGAIN!

They look so good! Especially once put in plastic sleeves

Can someone tell me how to embed pics so they show up here in my posts. the usual image code does not seem to work!


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Just now, TakeYaSeat said:

Looks great!:hearteyes:


To embed the images, you can click "Inster other media" which is above the "Submit Topic" - Insert image from URL


I tried that. I dont see the pic you posted either. Maybe my laptop is mental lol

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21 hours ago, ScottyX said:


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bear in mind these are some personal choices on the cds. but easily editable since I did them all black.

You're a hero!

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