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RQ/DL RHT Screen Recordings

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There's also one from Torino that's been shared back in 2015 (most of the links are invalid). 

7 hours ago, lap said:

As it's a screen record (not the original file, but very good quality) and most of us didn't enjoy the official edit, Madonna.TV could share the full screen show for all of us. And our uspcaling friends could improve it a little bit. 

Well, if someone could get them to do that, it‘d we the best thing to come since 2020 began... I contacted them on those recordings years ago and they responded that 'they only got the ones that were available online'. But I know for a fact that multiple shows were recorded with HD and SD cameras. 

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15 hours ago, MCL_1993 said:

That is correct but idk why, I'm really not into that one. Maybe it's too shaky, maybe it's the quality, maybe the tag in the bottom right corner... 

Yeah me too!!..

Too bad it is shaky and the big tag makes me wanna die



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I've been digging through the interwebs and found some short videos on Madonna-Tv's instagram and I also found out that there is a screen recording from Brooklyn that has been sold online for a while and that there is a full recording of the show in Torino. Unfortunately the links that were posted by the members of this forum are invalid/can't be accessed.

Guys, I'm begging you. ??????

 @groovyguy maybe?

Thank You!


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