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Your Favorite or Most Memorable "Express Yourself" Performance

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It's funny. When I first heard Madonna was dressed up as a baton twirler for an "Express Yourself" performance for the MDNA tour, I cringed a little. As always, Madonna makes me eat the cringes I get. This was so cute and so fun. I loved how she added "Born This Way" in it too. What was your favorite or most memorable  "Express Yourself" performance?


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Express Yourself (Live at the MTV Awards 1989) 10/10 Perfect.


Express Yourself (Blond Ambition Tour) 10/10 Flawless


Express Yourself (The Girlie Show) 10/10  Impeccable


Express Yourself (Re-Invention Tour) 6/10 I love the remix but the military thing was boring.


Express Yourself (MDNA) 8/10 I love the remix, I love the "born this way" mash-up, but I didn't like to much the cheerleader routine.


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