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"Human Nature" Maxi available on streaming sites

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Something is defo going on. 

I think the Like A Prayer remaster was a test last year. 

The streams for the additional tracks are

Like A Prayer - 12" dance mix - 744, 238

Express Yourself - Non Stop Express Mix - 482,378

Cherish Extended Version - 473,447

Oh Father Single Version - 473,000

Keep It Together - 12" remix - 243,837

Supernatural - 367,886


Thats about 3 million extra streams so far in a year on Spotify alone. Add in You Tube, Apple Music, Tidal and the others and that's some serious streams. 

Admittedly Like A Prayer & Express Yourself are huge Madonna songs in her catalogue, but she has many other songs that are huge too. At this point any additional content that pushes her streaming numbers up is good. They've probably actually waited until streaming is a huge force to capitalise on it rather than dumping them out there early days when subscriptions were low. 

Even 100k streams each for the other 250 remixes / version of her old stuff is a lot of numbers. 

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1 minute ago, Askeroff said:

All mixes on youtube too



Interesting that is says provided by Rhino / Warner records. 

Maybe a bit Bizzare that Vogue was uploaded to you tube a while back and we didn't get a Spotify release.

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6 hours ago, gafuller said:

Was Human Nature on top of the dance charts back then?

it got to #2 on the BB dance club chart and a top 10 on the main UK singles chart (#8)

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8 hours ago, luckystar908 said:

I'm not obsessed with remastering – this CD is good as it is – I just hope they make the older stuff sound better, especially from the 80s. Much of it needs a bit a of a cleanup to 2020 standards. We'll see if that happens.

I actually find that pre-digital music sounds better and has more depth than current music. 

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