What three songs are a "must" for you on a New Madonna Tour?

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* CELEBRATION  - She should remove Holiday and replace it with Celebration at the end of every tour for now on.

* Girl Gone Wild - her strongest dance song ever!

* Vogue 

+  Papa don't preach (original version)

+ Human nature / candy shop Opening Medley -  LOL just kidding!!!

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Songs must be performed Next Tour 

1- Clebration

2- Open Your Heart 

3- Like A Virgin

4 - give it to me 

5- Living for Love 

6 - I Rrise 

Songs Should Never Be Excluded From Any Future Tours

1- Vogue

2 - Music 

3- Like A Prayer

Songs that should become video interludes (period) :

1-  Justify my love / i dont search i find  (MIXED Together)

2 - 4 minutes / music (mixed together if music is not performed)


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Look, I'm kind of an all or nothing sort of person. M singing Papa Don't Preach on MX tour was pointless. Short. Same with MDNA. Short. I don't get it? The Express Yourself acapella section? WHYYYYY. 

My must haves aren't just songs. But I honestly wish she'd sing full songs. ESPECIALLY from her back catalogue.

I want bridges. I want bridges so badly. Express. Vogue... Open Your Heart... Into the Groove (now i know your miiiiiiiine)...PDP (what i need right now is some good advice, please...).... PLEASE!


Who is managing her. Ugh my head. I just cannot.

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