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Levitating (Feat. Madonna & Missy Elliot) : OUT NOW!


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Just to sum it up and in case there is any confusion:


The entire album is being remixed. It is called 'Club Future Nostalgia' and it features: 

- Levitating (feat. Madonna & Missy Elliot) - prod. by The Blessed Madonna.

- Physical (feat. Gwen Stefani) - prod. by Mark Ronson.

Other rumored collabs: Moloko, Jamiroquai, Normani, Kylie Minogue and others.


Levitating will work as the 1st single and it will be released one week before the album.

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53 minutes ago, OceanBlue said:

She actually posted the wrong pic ! Instead of the cover of the single, she posted the cover of the album, or sort of (with Gwen and MArk Ronson!)

What's the cover of the single? Can't find anything that fits that description on Dua Lipa's instagram. 

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The artwork is amazing and of course meant to be taken as a collage pop cover/80s collage vibe, it also reminded me of the "Everybody" single, so :hearteyes:

Maybe there's no single cover and only the album cover, cause it will be out the next week following the single, sometimes on Spotify it's just the album cover on singles pre-album.

This is gonna be GREAT, I can feel it!

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