Madonna shares Covid-19 conspiracy theory on IG, backlash ensues, then deletes

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On 7/29/2020 at 4:44 AM, Nobody Knows Me said:

I’m very disappointed that she posted that, but people saying Dua’s team are furious or Dua should cancel the single, let’s not forget a certain post Dua made like last week as well. She’s no saint either.

Yeah, what she posted was very very dumb, but she is a privileged older white woman at the end of the day and that unintentionally comes through in some of her posts. She’s probably the most consistent white artist who has posted information about the Black Lives Matter movement as well, so it’s clear she is trying to do right most of the time. Thankfully the post has been deleted so hopefully she’s learned her lesson and will check her facts before posting stuff like that again. 

My first thought when Madonna posted this was that she’s just another out of touch rich person with too much time on her hands. Then I read here that Dua Lipa also posted this type of thing. Then I realized Madonna’s just parroting a younger person to try to gain relevance and attention, which is very on-brand for 21st century Madonna, unfortunately.

It made me cringe just as much as the first time I heard her speak “and me” in “Me Against The Music”.

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On 7/29/2020 at 2:31 AM, TonyMontana said:

Come on, if you haven't heard about hydroxichlotoquine until now you have been living under a rock ! The hydroxichloroquine debat is huge since the Covid crisis has started. Anyone can use Google to check anything he wants (the situation in Tunisia for example, or the number of death due to covid in Didier Raoult' hospital...) 

Why is it that conspiracy theorists always insist that WE present the evidence For the claim THEY’RE making?

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