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Blond Ambition Tour - The 30th Anniversary Experience - Barcelona August 1, 1990

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The broadcast will start at 21.00 (Spain Time)


Welcome to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the live broadcast on television of the Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona. This August 1, 1990 was a unique date for fans of Madonna that we still remember today and that is why I've wanted to pay this tribute by broadcasting programs and specials that surrounded that emblematic date and the concert as showed on tv.

Get comfortable and enjoy the schedule to remember that fantastic date of 30 years today.

Thanks for watching.



- TV Commercial: Blond Ambition Tour on TV

- Report Rockopop: Blond Ambition Tour (Backstage) / Sweden (Original broadcast  July 7 1990)

- Promo 1  Madonna  in Spanish promoting the show on tv.

-  Madonna and the Blond Ambition Tour in Spain (arriving of Madonna in Madrid and stage setup).

- Promo 2 Madonna in Spanish promoting the show on tv.

- Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona as showed in Spanish Televisión TVE1.

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