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Madonna (and others) for RSD 2021? (DISCUSSION)

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We are close to the list announcement. It’s getting announced in some way after Easter. 

original post from long ago:

So as we sadly didn’t get anything this year, are we getting Madonna for RSD 2021? It isn’t too far away but still a bit far away so let’s discuss:Madonna001:

EDIT; this was posted in August last year so we are a lot more closer to it now.

Wantlist (regulars):

Remixed Prayers yellow EP (probably wouldn’t happen)

Vogue (Japan remixes) 12” Yellow splatter 12”

Causing A Commotion (MiniAlbum EP, Lime green)

Fever (2x12” red promo reissue)


Picture discs:

Causing A Commotion/Vogue reissues 

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And why not GHV2 on vinyl for the very first time? 

GHV2 was pressed on vinyl actually. It's an incredibly common misconception that it wasn't.

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Hate to be the naysayer, but RSD doesn't look promising as production is usually planned 1 to 1/2 years in advance.  The spread out RSD for August / Sept / Oct is pretty aweful.  Some items got canned.  

We have been spoiled really, and came to expect there would always be a Madonna release on RSD.  Then all of a sudden there was nothing.  Seems the most popular artist of RSD is Prince.

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I wish Madonna would do something like Mariah is doing with her 30th anniversary.  It amazes me to see an artist actually keeping contact with fans, not just posting random videos

2 minutes ago, PWCCA said:

Bowie fans have always been very gifted with special releases from him... both before and after his passing. 


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37 minutes ago, PWCCA said:

Rather than get yet more colour vinyl reissues of old stuff, I'd like Madonna's team to bring something new to the table. Maybe a special compilation, a demos collection, or something that has never been released on vinyl before. These reissues of old EPs are pretty dull

Well if that would happen it would be on RSD Black Friday since new releases tend to get released more often there than on the real RSD

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8 hours ago, Metamorphosis said:

GHV2 was pressed on vinyl actually. It's an incredibly common misconception that it wasn't.




8 hours ago, madenis said:

Those editions are unofficial

He must be talking about an official vinyl release

This! But fun fact; it was actually released on promo vinyl (which i really want)


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5 hours ago, lap said:

Over and Over 


1 hour ago, Enrico said:

Over and Over!

Oh I would really want that too! But it’s gonna be difficult since only Warner Italia owns the right for it which would make it an italian exclusive RSD release, and i unfortunately don’t see them selling the rights to universal music since it’s forgotten but man what a dream that would be!

1 minute ago, Celebration said:

The Holiday Collection -Maroon Vinyl


2 minutes ago, Celebration said:

It's That Girl -White Double Vinyl

Sadly no since it’s only promo...

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