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Madonna (and others) for RSD 2021? (DISCUSSION)

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I would love any of the following:

- Celebration 4LP

- Spotlight (Japanese single) or Over & Over (Italian single) 

- Lucky Star (cover with sunglasses) 

- Oh Father (original 7" 1989 artwork) to be printed in 12"

- GHV2

- Evita

- God control or any of the already existing singles from 1995-1996 and 2012-2019 that didn't get a vinyl release (very, very unlikely, I know) 


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And why not GHV2 on vinyl for the very first time? 

GHV2 was pressed on vinyl actually. It's an incredibly common misconception that it wasn't.

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4 hours ago, animalinstinct said:

God Control Remixes

Remixed Prayers

Like A Prayer 30th Anniversary 

Erotica Toe Sucking Picture Disc

Medellin Picture Disc


Would all be nice, take my money, thanks very much

all of these and IDSIF remixes too

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I really hope we get some kind of Madonna release. I know they saturated the market and I think the super mix colour vinyls took a while to sell but if they put in some proper effort and release something that could excite both casual and hardcore fans it'll fly off the shelves. 

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51 minutes ago, roberMDNA said:

i saw on twitter that lady gaga is getting a chromatica release for rsd 21. (i supposed it's true but don't really know) but we know something about Madonna?

God I hope it’s the vinyl album with an actual cover. Her variants have been shite. Who releases an album on vinyl without an actual normal sleeve and black vinyl version. But hey... have a jockstrap etc.

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