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Name new producers that Madonna should work with


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On 8/28/2020 at 6:53 AM, blondebenji said:

I want her to grab Stuart Price and go to sweden and hook up with max Martin and write some incredible pop tunes.  Her lyrics with his pop hooks would be an unstoppable combo.  Madonna hit in the 80's just as that synth pop sound was leaving.  I would luv her to bring back that synth pop sound of Eurthymics, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, human league, gary newman, with her fresh twist on it. Would even love her to use a early Prince sample like Little red corvette. Shes done her disco inspired album and she did it very well

This might not make sense for a regular Madonna album, but if the movie covers the early 80s  she could record some new songs for the soundtrack in the 80s synth style. I agree another disco album would be repetitive. 

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Guest Nobody Knows Me

I think an ‘80s synth influence would be a good move next, and there are lots of ways that she could go about that without repeating herself. If a big biopic is coming then it makes sense for the next album to be more commercial.

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On 8/28/2020 at 8:12 PM, Roland Barthes said:

Madonna already did a disco album.

I wish she'd work with Johnny Jewel.

But no matter who she works with, if Mike Dean and fucking Lauren D'Elia keep butchering her voice into an annoying fuck it won't matter. Listen to the instrumentals from Madame X and you'll see how her vocals destroyed what could have been. And i thought no one could be worst than Demo Castellon...in fact the one person she needs back is Mark Spike Stent to record her voice.

To keep up with the idea of female only dj/producer i'm adding Jayda G to the list


So true - she needs to change the engineers recording her voice back to Mark Spike Stent

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I would either love her to make a follow up to Confessions - uptempo joyful dance pop/disco with great well written pop songs with classic dance/pop production  (i.e. not a follow on from MDNA)

Or do something dance oriented but more leftfield where she takes a chance on a relatively unknown or underground producer where the sound is either ahead of it's time or bang on trend by the time it gets released or a real throwback. I think if she really studied and spent time listening to new underground dance music across artists and genres her instincts would guide her and she should not listen to whoever has been advising her who to work with over the last 10 year - she needs producers who will give their best work and be committed to making the tracks brilliant and not just a pay day. 

I think it would also be amazing if she decided to work with a slightly forgotten about producer like Underworld but suppose that has the risk people will see it is dated and old so probably not going to happen

Daft Punk would be good, Disclosure could be amazing for a credible 90's house dance sound that she could fit right into but with an up to date edge. Stuart Price and Patrick Leonard for songwriting could be an amazing combination. Honey Dijon produced a great version of Look Ahead with Sam Sparro.

I just hope we don't get more of the Mike Dean, Kayne, Beats driving rap kind of sound - Madonna's voice really shines on house and pop/dance music

I think the danger with her doing another dance type album is that we get MDNA Round 2 - I think she needs to steer clear of the EDM sound and ensue it's got that cool edge to it that will keep her credible like Ray of Light , Music and Confessions did

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36 minutes ago, MDNA22 said:

she should not listen to whoever has been advising her who to work with over the last 10 year - she needs producers who will give their best work and be committed to making the tracks brilliant and not just a pay day.


And all the names you mentioned - yes yes yes !

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On 8/29/2020 at 7:47 PM, Nahual said:

I had wanted her to do a full disco themed album, but not anymore. The music industry is oversaturated by disco music right now, and I'm sick of it. I hope she works with Mark Ronson or Max Martin instead.

Mark Ronson would be cool, but I really don’t care for Max Martin. 

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2 hours ago, o_g_c_x said:

Dr Luke, Max Martin, Ronson?

Is she a leader or a follower?

That’s a very good question after the Pharrell Williams + Timbaland/Timberlake phase.

David Foster was also very sought after when she released You‘ll See.

The same goes for Babyface, Dallas Austin and Nellee Hooper when Bedtime Stories was released...

Massive Attack for „I Want You“. 

Or even way back, when Like a Virgin was produced. Nile Rodgers had previously been successful with his sound with Chic, Diana Ross and David Bowie.

Not such an uncommon thing to do for M.?

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3 hours ago, mario.berrocal said:

For me Róisín Murphy is doing fantastic songs. I would love to see Madonna produced by Róisín

She does and i would love Róisin working with others but she does her own thing. Mark Brydon was the producer in Moloko, she's been a writer and singer, that's why she works with Djs/producers. And her coming album is fantastic.

Also she probably ended punching Madonna on the face working with her, two clashing personalities.

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