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Post a Madonna Song Lyric!


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Post a Madonna song lyric...it can be one you love or one you don't necessarily like and yet, it stands out. 

Ok, I'll start with this one because there is always love and hope no matter what...

This world has turned to dust
All we've got left is love
Might as well start with us
Singing a new song, something to build on

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Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee
And I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishment
But most of all, because my God, I have offended Thee
Who art all good
Like I knew you would
And deserving of all my love
I reserve, I reserve, I reserve
I reserve, I resolve
I have a reservation
I have a reservation

What do you mean it's not in the computer???!!!!


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The perfect lyrics for 2020:

In the blink of an eye everything could change
Say hello to your life, now you're living
This is it from now on it's a brand new day
It was time to wake up from this dream

I know the road looks lonely
But that's just Satan's game
And either way my baby
You'll never be the same

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A little levitating with our morning wake up...

I believe that you're for me, I feel it in our energy
I see it written in the stars
We can go wherever, so let's do it now or never
Baby, nothing's ever, ever too far

Glitter in the sky, glitter in our eyes
Shining just the way we are
I feel like we're forever, every time we get together
No, we're never gonna be apart

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