☆☆☆Make your own Record Cover Challenge☆☆☆for your favorite MAD💘NNA album

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I was inspired to start this thread because of an old record I purchased back in the late 80's. Its a home-made album cover for her early work with Otto Von Wernherr.  "Cosmic Climb" and "We are the Gods". I didn't make this cover. The image of Madonna looks like a newspaper clipping. I'm not sure what photo shoot this image is from. The clipping used for her name is very interesting because the MDNA stands out, and this would be the title of a future album for her. The song titles and label are also seperate clippings that were attached. Creating your own personal album cover was a very popular thing to do back in the day.

I would like to challenge everyone in the forum to recreate your own album cover for your favorite Madonna album. You can physically draw, or cut out images. But at this day and age, it might be easier to just download an image online and apply it as your choice for her cover. 


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