Madonna song you cried to?

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Hi there...I am originally from the Balkans, our local music has different vibe, most of the songs are really sad and its quite normal you cry to sad songs...the more you make people cry, the more succsesful you are.

Madonna is the only foreign speaking singer/musician I could ever cry to, the onlyone who ever moved me to actual tears.

For me 'Live to tell', 'Ill remember', and 'Wash all over me'...

Especially 'Wash all over me'...I feel as though she wrote that one having the coming end of her career and eventually life in mind. The feeling of just letting go and finding power in powerlesness...Don't know.

But honestly I had cramps in my stomach from crying hours listening to that song. 

What are your moments if you care to share?


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A mixture....I'm a sook lol.

Holiday (Girlie Show)

Promise To Try

Oh Father

The Look Of Love

Something To Remember

Drowned World (Tears of a Clown Melbourne)

Love Tried To Welcome Me


Be Careful (Demo)

You'll See

Live To Tell

Looking For Mercy

This Used To Be My Playground




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