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Just kidding?

Holy Water 94

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Agh, I got so excited seeing this....

1 hour ago, NowRadiate said:

The mixtape idea is nice, I would even like it if she created a mixtape/playlist of the tracks that she likes right now/that inspire her maybe. This doesn’t have to be Madonna‘s music. Somebody should tell her. Give us some rosé-ish mixtape M!

yeah, (not sure if I am allowed to mention another artist, but) before Gaga released Chromatica she published a playlist of some of the inspiration songs, it was a fantastic playlist, I loved it and still listen sometimes.

And I am saying this, listening to Nina Simone, who i became interested in after the quarantine diaries.... so a Madonna mixtape might not be a bad thing

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Sorry guys, forgive my ignorance, but doesn't mixtape also mean a collection of outtakes or early versions of tracks that she didn't end up including in official releases? Don't rappers use this to share unrefined music with their fans?

She used the same hashtag when she was working on Madame X in 2018 and there were voices of three, four tracks already considered for a "special afterword project" when the album came out.

Now, of course those hashtags "jk" and "wishfullthinking" make me contain my enthusiasm, but maybe it's just a matter of time: not next week, but something is in the works.

Or they were really just sexy, flawless, pink hair?

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2 hours ago, TonyMontana said:

I don't know why but even though she used the #jk #wishfulthinking i feel she will indeed drop something next week... it's typical Madonna way of teasing. Here is new music ! Noooo i'm kidding... Bang !!! New tracks drops !

I think exactly the same... Something's coming, maybe not this week or soon... An EP to celebrate a come back to Warner would be great... Look at her youtube channel... They change one of her pictures and now we have one with her pink hair and they uploaded three new videos of "Hung up" (MTV, Grammy's and Tracy Young remix). Maybe is not new music but I think that they are working on something...

About "Hung up" videos... Yeah, I know is its 15th annyversary but who would think a year ago that she'd do something more than selling a pillow with the logo on her store?

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