History #PreThanksgivingDrop!

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20 minutes ago, Ali Khafaji said:

I actually think she’s releasing something here’s why:

*In 2019 she mentioned she’s working on a mix tape

*When people were complaining about the theater tour she said “it’s just the beginning” which means she was planning on something 

*2020 she started writing the movie and she had the time to listen to the demos 

*Her mentioning she wanna be a Dancing queen again 

*The Mix tape gets mentioned again!!!

*Pink hair and different photoshoots!!!

*Her Team Posts a fancam with “Burning Up Demo”

*Asking the fans to create  “Something to remember” Track list 

*The Immaculate Collection Anniversary and the “stay tuned for related surprises!”

*Posting about the Immaculate Collection again “Carful what you wish for” 

*New Picture of her in the studio!

*Her posting that she’s feeling better and her knee/hip is healing 

*Now we have #prethanksgivingrelease 

so I feel like at this point she’s definitely up to something but with that being said it’s M and she really loves to troll her fans!!

After that post she has no choice than to release something. Even if she was trolling she still can release Warning Signs and Desperately Seeking Susan, i'll be fine with it 😉

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25 minutes ago, TonyMontana said:

Lol i was gonna say that girl also has interesting Madonna features !!!

Btw, it's a montage i think, it's not on Anne' instagram.

Of course it is. I made it myself. it's a quick photoshop joke :)


(The grillz are Madonna's )

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