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Madonna's massive biopic project is no longer moving forward.

The 64-year-old "Express Yourself" superstar, who had been hard at work penning the script for her biopic for years, will no longer be developing her movie at Universal Pictures, sources confirmed to Variety on Tuesday (January 24).

Julia Garner was attached to star in the project.

The movie made headlines because of all the actresses and singers who auditioned to be part of the film.

Speculation that the movie might have been shelved happened once she announced her greatest hits tour, the Celebration Tour, for 2023. The tour has already sold out in several venues across the world.

"Insiders familiar with Madonna said her sole focus is the tour, but she remains committed to making a film about her life one day," the outlet reports.

There has been such a demand for Madonna‘s upcoming tour that the Queen of Pop

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Project is in stand by but not dead. Madonna herself talked about it on her recent VF interview.

However, Variety isn't the most reliable source on anything. Iirc they were the ones who went with the story that Avatar 2 needed to gross like $4B in order to be profitable, based on something that James Cameron “supposedly” said (which was easily debunked). So be careful: they may have learnt that the project is on hold until the tour is finished, and went with an exaggerated story about it

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Madonna cannot get this film made at this time. Her public reputation has made her a filmic pariah. The tour is a necessity to renew interest in her legacy as an entertainment legend. She may even be planning to use profits from the tour to produce the film independently. 

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