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The Top Three Madonna VIDEOS That Best Represents Her and Her Career


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Hi again. Yesterday you were asked to name THREE of Madonna's albums (excluding her greatest hits) that best represent her and her career as a whole at this time (If you didn't answer with your choices, he sure to do so HERE.). In continuing this series of questions...Question #2: If you were to name THREE of Madonna's VIDEOS that best represent her and her career as a whole at this time, which videos would you choose and why? (If you can't stop at three, you can name more)

I'm going with Like A Prayer (for the power, for the controversy, and just everything about it!!), Vogue (for the fun and dancing. It's just iconic!), and ....hmmmm, this is tough as there is so many iconic videos.... ok, I'll go with HUNG UP (she revived her career with this song and video. So youthful, sexy, and fun)!

PS: Watch tomorrow for a SINGLES post in the same series.


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This is totally FUN! & sorry it’s very hard to choose only 3, so I’ll do 7?

- Like A Virgin (this video screams MADONNA) 

- Like A Prayer (the definition of the rebel MADONNA)

- Express Yourself (timeless video with huge impact)

- Vogue (this video is everyone’s favorite & also the definition of MADONNA)

- Frozen (she introduced eastern culture in a unique way, just like Vogue it’s everyone’s favorite)

- Don’t Tell Me (Iconic & timeless)

- Hung Up (another & probably the last from M that really did huge impact globally) ??


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Like a Virgin  Whore and Madonna, she can be both, playing with these stereotypes, deconstructing them

Express Yourself  For Madonna gender is a put-on. The way she parodies the big boss

Justify My Love  At a time when society is becoming very conservative Madonna opens the door (as well as her coat) She/him/her in a postmodern age, doing nothing but making love


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  • Like a Prayer - Because it represents her controversy surrounding the church.
  • Express Yourself - Because, well, she expresses herself so well! (And it's a kick-ass video!)
  • Justify My Love - Because, in my honest opinion, this is M at her sexiest and let's face it, without sexuality there'd be no Madonna.
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Material Girl: The Marilyn imagery that would be synonymous with the first decade of her career considering her looks were largely old Hollywood glamour-inspired up to Erotica (plus the nickname that the press will use even after she dies. I'm not ready to read or hear "the Late Material Girl,").

Like a Prayer: Religious imagery, burning crosses, black saints, Pepsi controversy. Religion would be a recurring source of imagery (LTT performance on the cross on CT, the opening to the MDNA Tour).

Justify My Love: Sexual imagery, bisexuality, threesomes, BDSM, more controversy, could be representative of that whole period of her career (1990-1994) plus another source of recurring imagery.

Honourable mentions: Vogue (the Dance Queen/ LGBTQ advocate), Frozen (the mysterious, spiritual ethereal girl), Hung Up (the disco party girl).

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Really hard to say the videos that really represents Madonna as all of her videos represent a part of her but the three that I would show that would tell about her career and life would be.

Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, and Justify My Love

It shows that Madonna can be playful with sexuality until developing more into a mature artist

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1. Like A Prayer - zero doubts about it.

2. Justify My Love - zero doubts about it.

and the third one is hard. Vouge or Express Yourself, so i can't really go with one only so i have to put 4.

3. Vouge

4. Express Yourself


Erotica as a video it's less important than SEX book so I rejected it. Like A Virgin performance at VMAs is more important that actual video. Bedtime Story it's a honored mention.

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