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Let Down Your Guard


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On 6/11/2024 at 7:25 PM, LongIslandTea said:

It's funny that there are tons of demo of other released song and yet this song has none.

No one even bother to make a fake acapella demo :lol:

it's the mystery song. We did got some fake demo thou

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I liked it better than what was on BS at the time of its release. I loved the idea that she did this sexually charged  song when the idea was to tone it down after Erotica, like a "fuck you, i do as i please" and put it on the flip side of the first single in Europe. She was not sorry. She even had a lesbian take the place of Tupac in I'd rather be your lover which changed the song pov and was pretty radical for the time. Ldyg also has a rough Virginia beach sound.

After what she said to the crowd about Dallas Austin during the Atlanta show of Celebration, i wonder of the lyrics were directed at him now, like she was hitting on him in the recording studio via the lyrics. Like Forbidden Love could be about Tupac since it matches the letter he wrote her that was up for auction. Your Honesty could be about either one.

Your honesty and Don't Stop have weak lyrics, I don't lie the YH melody as well, the only part i enjoy is the french bridge. On Don't Stop it always cracked me she was calling people on the floor  and yet sounded bored herself.


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5 hours ago, BoyToyMark said:

I adore Let Down Your Guard and Your Honesty. Hopefully Let Down Your Guard is uploaded to streaming at some point.

Surprised Your Honesty wasn't used as the b-side to Human Nature.

I love LDYG but can't connect to YH because it's mastering quality is so poor.

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