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Sharon Stone says she has felt 'pitted against' Madonna, but 'secretly champions' her

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I've always thought Sharon Stone was a such a talented actress.  Madonna and her are alike in many ways. Check out what Sharon says on Madonna below if interested...

Sharon Stone says she has felt 'pitted against' Madonna, but 'secretly champions' her

Sharon Stone and Madonna are good friends. 

In her new memoir, Sharon Stone said the press has pit her against Madonna.

Stone writes that she once cohosted a charity event with Madonna, who later called her "mediocre."

Stone said that she "secretely champions" the singer, and admires her "strength of character."

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In her new memoir, "The Beauty of Living Twice," Sharon Stone writes that she "secretly champions" Madonna even though she has felt "pitted against" the singer by the media.

In one chapter of the book, Stone recounts going to the Cannes Film Festival in France to host an event being put on by amfAR, the foundation that raises money for AIDS research. Her cohost that year was Madonna.

"We have often been pitted against each other as this has been the way that the press, and I would have to say society in general, has found to bind women of our and past generations," Stone writes.

"There was not a place for women to find camaraderie, alliance, or safety with one another. It was put to us that there could be room for only one."

Stone says that she feels society has taught women that the only thing they might have in common was their "competitiveness" or their interest in a particular man. Stone adds that on occasion she has "fallen in line" with this belief "as there was no other one presented."

However, Stone now feels differently and believes that she and Madonna have had many shared experiences "travelling somewhat side by side on our road of fame, aging in public and so forth."

Stone says that because of their shared experience she feels close to Madonna.

"I feel as if I secretly champion her. I know she feels the same. We stand up for each other being asked. We know the pitfalls of being who we are and have been when we were breaking barriers in our respective fields," Stone writes.

"I have tried to learn from her at times and to empathise with her at others. The one thing I always have for her is love."

It's not the first time Stone has said she's felt "pitted against" Madonna. 

In 2017, Stone said as much after one of the singer's private letters from the 1990s were published in which Madonna called Stone "horribly mediocre."

In a response on Facebook, Stone wrote then: "Know that I am your friend" and called the publication of the letters, which were entered into an auction, "absurd."

"The Beauty of Living Twice" is out now, and contains some shocking reveals from the life and career of Stone, including her experience of making "Basic Instinct" and working with certain movie producers.


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I'd say one of the good things M has become in later life is someone who supports and champions other women. In the 90's she was definitely prone to making snarky comments about other women and it's possibly the reason non of them came to her defence over the SEX book backlash. I think when the younger generation of female performers started giving props to M, she changed her view and felt more comfortable complimenting other women. She's even cool with Gaga now after a very public spat. Sharon Stone is cool and I'd love to see them as friends in some way.

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These eyerolling articles taking the 90s "quote" out of the letter's context of what was clearly a tongue-in-cheek comment just continue to pit women against each other. On the surface it's all "women in harmony" but buried in the article is the subtext of further misogyny and and finger pointing.

Sharon gets it but she can't contol the way it's written. "Secretly champions"?? makes it sound like she's not confident enough to boldly champion her in public. Ughh. If there's a book coming out, then we'll be seeing the "horribly mediocre" comment again and again as she promotes it. Madonna's name in a headline is gold-certified clickbait and she's generally portrayed as the villain.

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Madonna is just competitive. She had probably never met Sharon Stone, she was just speaking from the standpoint WE ALL have when looking at celebrities. It would be the same for me with like Lana Del Rey for instance. I think she's blah, AS AN ARTIST. Her artistic output. If I met her in real life, I wouldn't tell her to her face I think she's a blah artist. 

A person is usually MORE inclined to voice their opinion when everyone else seems to be fan girling that same person. So Madonna saw everyone fawning all over Sharon Stone, expressed she "doesn't get it". It's not the same thing as a personal attack. 

If only we could be a fly on the wall before a new Madonna era begins. I'm sure she talks shit about alot of people. (Still to this day) but its really no different than how you and I express our love and disdain for the artists that are out there. 

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13 minutes ago, RUADJAI said:

the letter was written in the 90s


The pictures prove that the beef that the media described hardly corresponded to the truth. Madonna's letters in the 90s show that Madonna envied Sharon's career at that time, but privately they were more on good terms. Sharon was damn lucky to be in the right place at the right time with Basic Instinct - and Madonna was unlucky that everything just went wrong with Body of Evidence. But such disastrous projects often attracted her magically.

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18 hours ago, Angelo said:

Madonna that called Sharon Stone a mediocre actress




Jealous M. 😁😜

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