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7 hours ago, thegoldencalf said:

It’s an interesting opinion. It’s true that the production is nothing special but to me it’s the song that sounds the most like a Madonna classic on the album. Also her voice in it is incredible.

It’s such a putty that the remixes for Come Alive never got released...

It's true , her voice is really good on that.

Yeah , such a pity. Like GC offer nissm :Madonna047:

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On 4/11/2021 at 11:36 AM, Pretender1978 said:

I like your fix, personally I took LFM out as it is more a RH song imo, and like most starrah songs the chorus is sooo repetitve (also the reason why I don't really love Crazy or Come Alive, but the latter has good lyrics and message so it can stay) And of course I added Funana.....

LFM is repetitive yes, but i love the beginning. I don't feel a RH connection to it, idk why, it had to be shortened to 2:50  min long. like a little poetry before the encore!


Funana...ugh not mt fav, but still wayyy better than Bitch im loca :Madonna031:

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