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Single Reissues Campaign - "American Life" Single, "4 Minutes" 4K Video OUT NOW!


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5 minutes ago, Aiwa08 said:

I need a summary of what's happening, I don't understand anything.  :confused:

From what I can gather, Rhino posted on Twitter a request to keep things under wraps until they officially announce / promote - a few have surmised this to mean their posts that have promoted / shared the track lists of the single re issues ahead of the release date.

We are all trying to understand why, and really what will it stop - given the track lists are known in advance and anyone can post and share.

Rhino then posted a follow up tweet - Be careful for what you wish for - no one knows what this means lol 


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39 minutes ago, Bjonkers said:

Sounds to me like somebody was getting a bollicking in a record label board meeting about why the streaming numbers for the Ray of Light remixes were so low, and (instead of promoting them better) all they could come up with was that we'd already moved on to talking about Burning Up. 


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1 hour ago, Jackie said:

I am confused by the Rhino posts - the release schedule is available in the lead up to the day? All sorts of people can access and see it.....are they suggesting we all should just be 'surprised' when something is released?

Yes let’s just pretend we are surprised to keep Madonna happy

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10 hours ago, tscott said:

Little shocked that this is going for $2.99.  That was my basis in why PA probably wouldn't be included as I thought being at that price we'd get about three tracks max and they'd stick to the BU mixes.  Anyway, glad PA gets more exposure.  It deserves it. 

Well…you could have just believed me instead. The price doesn’t mean anything. Like I said before: We got certain singles for 7.99 and ended up getting 9 tracks or more.

8 hours ago, steady75 said:

Is it me or is the 7” version of Physical Attraction on Spotify a totally different vocal or is it sped up or something? It sounds so odd to me. 

The 7" Version of Physical Attraction in general is a different mix. They used the demo to create that. The 12"/Album Version is actually a remixed version done by Jellybean.

It's possible that the different remastered versions of it, used different transfer methods and therefore sound a little different.

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2 hours ago, Openyourheart said:

I don't know if I'm imagining it but I'd never heard the 7" Burning Up before today and it sounds so low energy compared to the album version.


It's funny... I think the 7'' (and the 12'' Mix) are more danceable than the album/video version. That bass in the mix is amazing when the volume is really up. The album/video version is amazing too (for me the original album version is the one available in "the first album", unreleased from digital sources).

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  • RUADJAI changed the title to Single Reissues Campaign - "American Life" Single, "4 Minutes" 4K Video OUT NOW!

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