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Single Reissues Campaign - "American Life" Single, "4 Minutes" 4K Video OUT NOW!


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Yasss Express Yourself!!! :heart: Fingers crossed for something from Ray of Light or American Life next week ?


PS. Would it be possible to update the title of the thread with the new releases? Maybe something like "Single reissues campaign - General discussion - Express Yourself 05/07/21" so it would be more easy to catch up. :)

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  • New_Boy changed the title to Single reissues campaign - General discussion - "Express Yourself", out 07/05
3 minutes ago, BadGurlMadge said:

i heard from a person that it originally was planned to be a ray of light remixes release tonight for its anniversary but apparently got replaced by express yourself? anyone know why, maybe because of the unfinished hd video? anyways great mixes?

Maybe the Topaz free trial expire.. 

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The artwork is awful in higher detail...
Like. they just did an upscale from the first scan they could find. Still curious about the clicks in track 1, which are probably inaudible, but still represent a serious difference compared to the older file. The last three tracks also don't match neither the Promo CD nor the "Remixed Prayers" tracks.

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I'll be honest. I don't usually cry about sources because Im a messy gossip bitch who lives for the drama ,but the info on these has been sketchy as fuck on these boards. We've had members absolutely certain, highly likely, informed, heard that...etc.,... that LDLHA / Ray Of Light / Fever /American Life / Nothing Really Matters are coming ....and then we get WIFLFAG, Express Yourself and Like A Prayer. 

I'm even beginning to think that the LDLHA and FEVER screengrabs from the databased were mock ups made by that kind of fan.


So imma sit over here with my cereal and eat it nicely and just be surprised cause Julian Assange ya'll aint.





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2 hours ago, BadGurlMadge said:

i think it’s odd as well, however, fever & ldlha was actually posted on their website i think as many people could access it, and ray of light was kind of a logic release. however, american life & nrm seems to be made up.

American Life was wishful thinking but also "logical" since we got several singles on their anniversaries. Nothing Really Matters was never confirmed but seemed very likely due to the fact that they actually uploaded the HD video.

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