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Single Reissues Campaign - "American Life" Single, "4 Minutes" 4K Video OUT NOW!


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6 hours ago, Where's The Party? said:

@Roy - your services are once again required when your electricity's back up and running!


O/T - the new thumbnail is gorgeous, tbh.

Update: we have electricity but no damn internet. I have the EY/D&D comparison ready. I just need to wait a couple of days for our internet to get back to make the Take a Bow comparison. I am using pocket WiFi at the moment.

That said, EMILY FINALLY KNOWS 4K. I have to say, I've seen worse remasters (cough cough SECRET) and this isn't one. The dirt and walls may look weird but for the most part, it looks okay. The TV screen parts are affected by the AI upscale.

A decent upscale but not disappointed.

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Totally agree - who ever signed this off needs to be spoken to! 
Again another fuck up with M’s legendary catalogue - how many more times do we have to suffer with the butchery - furthermore the originals are no longer available so this is all we’re going to be left with in years to come 


I find it unfathomable !!!


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8 hours ago, webo1958 said:

Just found this far superior version on YouTube

Much better upscale 


I just checked and compared the close-ups at 1:03 and 1:25 in both versions, and they basically look the same with only different color tones. How the one in Madonna's channel is considered badly upscaled that makes her look like a painting but this version is a good one? I just don't get it. Both versions in the parts i mentioned had same details, were blurry a bit etc. Do y'all want to see every skin pore to say something positive?


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  • RUADJAI changed the title to Single Reissues Campaign - "American Life" Single, "4 Minutes" 4K Video OUT NOW!

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