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41 minutes ago, Would You Like To Try said:

Thank you, someone should ask Emily to put them in the rest of the world

The last thing we need is ANOTHER Confessions single uploaded like that though. They should just take them all down and re-upload them as collections. I'm so tired of having three different releases clogging the page all titled "Sorry". Sorry my ass, fix it.

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3 hours ago, Prayer said:

I've always thought this will be the case with "Love Profusion". They're following the original US dates for most of them after all.

Nothing Fails came on December 8 to US but released on the radio date,this means they are trying to release it this year hopefully

Also the copyright is shining since some months so EMILY!!!👹 

I think it's getting released this Friday 

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Imagine if Emily released the German Nothing Fails/Love Profusion this 8 on streaming


1.Nothing Fails (Radio Edit)

2.Love Profusion

3.Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club)

And maybe the Ralphi Rosario House Mix

By the way I did the cover myself,it's a recreation of the original cover done on a phone

Why can't Emily recreate some of the covers herself or ask someone to do it?Would come off neater sometimes 

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