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Single reissues campaign - Papa Don’t Preach HD Music Video Coming Next Week

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I have such fond mems of Beautiful Stranger. I was living in London at the time and working in Soho. One night out in Heaven nightclub I happened upon this boy dancing topless living his best life. An indie kid with a bod (think Dan Imagine Dragons). we got talking and just connected. He was so free and so utterly beautiful. We spent the night together in the club. One of those nights where all bets are off and it was just a vibe. He talked to everyone he wanted.  No hang ups, no agenda..ju

Yes, but we still have the same problem, these masters are not the original, these master were made for vinyl. They can sound almost the japanese pressings but the problems are still there (Surface noise, high frequencies a little distorted, the tracking goes and going...) Anyway, with the japanese EQ the tracks sounds really OK: Open Your Heart (Dub) [With JP EQ]: Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

Seems like we got "Justify My Love'd" with this one again... I bet the intern saw that the video is already on 720p, so he called it a day  and went to a Starbucks to get a frapuccino spending his afternoon on TikTok xDDD

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Hope we get soon the Fever and LDLHA ones that were scheduled, but replaced for Bedtime Story and Frozen.

I think they are really getting the hang of this, both with the matching releases (HD videos + maxi singles) around the same time, and with the compilation of several mixes from different sources. The release of many tracks that had never been released comercially or digitally before is amazing, I would never imagine her team would actually do this LOL.

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American Life would be good on Friday actually. Be nice to have a bit of balance wouldn’t it.

We’ve got both I’m Breathless & IC singles

1 Like A Prayer

1 Erotica

3 Bedtime Stories

1 Ray Of Light

2 Music

0 American Life

I know we have remixed and revisited but those loathsome rock mixes can perish. 

Honestly who compiled that thing even if it was last minute. Woeful. Her worst release tbh. 

So yeah American Life on Friday please and then Fever / Nothing Really Matters / Love Don’t Love Here Anymore and American Pie in the baron anniversary summer months. 


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I think Nothing Really Matters is still coming next. The HD Video is a very strong indicator, just as it was with Bedtime Story. American Life also has a strong chance of happening still. I can see them going back to LDLHA & Fever during a month that doesn't have strong release potential. May is pretty much set in stone, I believe. There may be an additional single coming if they're going back to weekly releases.


Crazy for You - March 2, 1985
Nothing Really Matters - March 2, 1999
Like a Prayer - March 3, 1989
American Pie - March 3, 2000
Fever - March 6, 1993

One More Chance - March 7, 1996
Burning Up / Physical Attraction - March 9, 1983
I'll Remember - March 15, 1994
Bedtime Story - Febraury 13, 1995 (UK) / March 18, 1995 (US Radio) / April 13, 1995 (US)
Another Suitcase in Another Hall - March 18, 1997
Love Don't Live Here Anymore - March 19, 1996
Live to Tell - March 26, 1986
Vogue - March 27, 1990


American Life - April 8, 2003
Angel - April 10, 1985
What It Feels Like for a Girl - April 16, 2001
Spotlight - April 25, 1988


Ray of Light - May 6, 1998
Express Yourself - May 9, 1989
Beautiful Stranger - May 19, 1999


Human Nature - June 6, 1995
Papa Don't Preach - June 11, 1986
Hanky Panky - June 12, 1990
This Used to Be My Playground - June 16, 1992
Who's That Girl - June 23, 1987


Hollywood - July 4, 2003
Into the Groove - July 15, 1985
Dress You Up - July 31, 1985 / December 12, 1985

There really isn't anything particularly notable in May, June & July left. I think a bunch of the March releases are being moved there.

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04/23/2021 - Nothing Really Matters
04/30/2021 - American Life
05/07/2021 - Ray of Light
05/14/2021 - Express Yourself
05/21/2021 - Beautiful Stranger
05/28/2021 - Fever (the video premiered on May 11, 1993)
06/04/2021 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore?
06/11/2021 - Papa Don't Preach?
06/18/2021 - This Used to Be My Playground?
06/25/2021 - Who's That Girl?

I could see them sneak in I'll Remember and/or American Pie in June. The Papa Don't Preach video in HD is definitely coming though. Not sure if they're gonna bother with the single yet.

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