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True Blue 35th Anniversary Edition


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The only new thing is the artwork. I think this is the most Sire/Warner can do with the contracts, no physical releases. There must be something in the contracts that ties them to release physical stuff or add unreleased things.

Madonna does not want re-issues, demos or other unreleased stuff to be put out there. Cause it was not her "vision as an artist" stuff blah blah....

Maybe there's some sort of contract breach/loophole that doesn't specify "streaming/digital".

This is the most they can release until... Madonna changes her mind? sings a new contract? dies?

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4 hours ago, BadGurlMadge said:

They only took the US maxi 12”s.

Live To Tell

- Instrumental 

-album version 

-no edit, idk if it’s because it was on the 7” but it’s basically the same 

Papa Don’t Preach


-we didn’t get ANBD because it’s most likely on a first album anniversary edition 

-album version

True Blue

-Color remix

-Remix edit

-instrumental color remix

-ANBD because of the same reasons as Papa

Open Your Heart



-no Lucky Star or White Heat because it’s already available.

La Isla Bonita


-Instrumental extended 


the heck is ANBD ?

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