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2 hours ago, Andreo said:

I can't believe there are no insiders spilling about the reissues or whatever the heck she is doing, I need rumors, even fake ones lol idc, it's so boring rn :Madonna025:

Hahah yes! please bring me those iconic fake titles. Do you remember "Siting on top of the world" and "Solar  Salvation"? It was between Hard Candy and MDNA eras I think go amazon GIF

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3 hours ago, wtg1987 said:

How much longer do we have to wait ?? every day I come here and nothing ?

Maybe the old fashioned says old news is good news applies here? I have a feeling we'll get something special (like a 12" single or soundtrack) for RSD and maybe an announcement right after for a summer release. 

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50 of them though? 

Thats like 3 cd’s worth of remixes.

Do I believe that’s gonna happen? 

I don’t see it for us.

Maybe a double CD but like a segued megamix like You Can Dance. A bit like the Dua Lipa / Blessed Madonna version of Future Nostalgia with some new features and stuff. Probably the new Swae version of Frozen too. 

Imagine if all this time she’s been secretly  getting people to remix and feature on her old tracks as guests. Like all those Weeknd rumours from a while back?

Who else has she been linked to in the last year or two? 

either way I’m here for it big time. 

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