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13 hours ago, thegoldencalf said:

Yes that’s why I’m saying it shouldn’t be literal. I seriously doubt she’ll include Spotlight or Physical attraction for example. Or even over and over. 

It should be noted Physical Attraction was not actually remixed on You Can Dance. The booklet lists no additional production on that song, and it appears to be identical to the original version save for the intro and the outro. This upcoming anthology is a fitting occasion to finally have it remixed. It probably won't, but it should.

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21 hours ago, steady75 said:

She was listening to it in her instagram clip tho and I imagine after all that's happened with Britney and her recently she'll want it on there. Plus it was number one so It's gonna show up. I imagine a lot of the features will be on this record. The idea that Madonna tracks will show up in other artists streaming profiles is surely part of the appeal. 

there was a great remix of that song but i forget what it was called , did american life go to number one ? if so she will be adding missy elliot remix for sure 

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On 1/19/2022 at 2:48 PM, Fabiolous said:

I mean, she said she is releasing 50 songs, so it would be weird not to follow the actual list. For the You Can Dance tracks, she'll probably just include whatever sounds best together with the other ones, most likely Holiday

If you count Holiday and Lucky Star separately as well as Into the Groove and Angel, you have exactly 50 #1s.

Me Against the Music is a Madonna feature, so it doesn't count as well.

IF she decides to include something from YCD which is basically an album that sort of managed to be eligible for that chart, it would be Everybody cause that song marks her first appearance on the dance charts at #3.

I can also see her remove DCFMA or American Pie in favor of another True Blue song and Human Nature.

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On 1/20/2022 at 10:06 AM, Lucky90210 said:

Madonna will try to turn a fun remix dance record into a revolution lol WHY M?

"Lighten up, get a fuckin' sense of humor will ya" M - Blonde Ambition Tour


Well, really look at the song selections... many of them were revolutionary, not just fun.   Many of the songs, accompanying videos and live performances did disturb the peace.   They pushed boundaries with socio-political contexts and challenged sexual politics.  Many became feminist anthems, LGBTQ battle cries and also highlighted civil rights discourse.  Madonna did show us a lot more than her ass.  Referring to her body if work as a "revolution" is quite appropriate.  

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35 minutes ago, Prayer said:


That would be a very Madonna thing to do, really.

it would because i believe it seriousy pisses her off that some of her fans are racist and she would prob feel she is better off without these fans - i can totally understand her ..the coadf fans who want her to turn into kylie are the worst fans ever on social media- i just wish they would move on from madonna - she is never going to do confessions part two ..ever 

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