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I'm sorry but there's nothing groundbreaking in this. I'm totally fine with cosmetic surgery and I'm sure Madonna started doing things to her face back in the late 90's, her body her choice indeed. Also, i'm totally fine with woman of any age exploring their bodies, Grace Jones is 70+ and was topless on her last tour bursting with confidence and defiance. BUT when your face becomes paralyzed, your lip line distorted and your breasts and ass are out of human proportions that's borderline body dys


Bitch is still on fire and living her best life, on her own terms, at 63. She's always been this way (except for the Ritchie years, all we all know how that ended up). I mean: Classic M reveal. All the negative comments about her looks, attitude, etc. are getting tiring now. She's not gonna stop. And she's not gonna stop aging. You're not gonna see BAT Madonna, Dita, ROL Madonna, Confessions Madonna or any perfect image of her you have in your mind. That's the past. This is


I...did not expect so many negative reactions in this thread. I thought the opening sequence was brilliant. The nod to New York City, the classic "$35 dollars and a dream" story and watching all those iconic videos displayed at once in Times Square really put into context everything she has achieved in the past 40 years. It dawned on me that it will never be another megastar like Madonna and once again, it remind me of the sheer magnitude of her legacy. As for the actual appearance, I

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I’m annoyed the cameras weren’t on her when she took the coat off, that would have been a fun moment!

It’s sad to see her lacking confidence in her delivery just reading the lines out though. Once upon a time we’d have felt so at ease with her owning that kind of situation. I know it’s terrible to think but it sort of makes me wish she wouldn’t put herself in these live moments, cause it makes her vulnerable.

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Let's be real and not overdramatic as always you guys: Her introducing the show is such a nice idea, it's just a big delusion from a fan perspective.

I can't believe she bothered to do this for a 1 minute introduction. Jesus Christ, the waste of time for just that. 

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