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Ariana Grande


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I open this topic to talk all about Ariana Grande. This powerful conquer the world since 2013 because of her songs and her voice.


Me, the first song i heard for her was Problem, and it's one of my least favorites tracks of Ariana. Last year, she released her sixth studio album: Positions. After the two first albums who it's was very pop and RnB, the two first albums as hugely compared to Mariah Carey. But with Dangerous Woman, she started to dissociate of the sound of the two first albums and incorporates also the hip-hop that she used more after that, aside of the sound of her first album. This was her most varied album of her career. But arrived Sweetner, in majority produced by Pharrell Williams, who this album was a departure because it's was more a trap, hip-hop, pop and RnB. She continued this road with this sound with Thank U Next and Positions.

I love this voice, it's not so much interesting to her before 2018, because the songs Breathin and No Tear Left to Cry attirate more my attention and love theses two songs. But lost the interest, because of the singles of Thank U Next (the singles didn't justice of the album) and gained more interest again after i hear 34+35 who it's was one my favorites songs of her. But after to hear the Position album, this album was a deception, because the album start well, but after Nasty, it's was a garbage, all so much bad (except POV, who it's was also a gem, one of my favorites tracks of this album). But with curiosity, i started to listen the old album, and definitly, the albums Sweetener and Dangerous Woman attirates so much my attention, because i like almost all the songs of theses two albums and was a masterpiece. The Sweetener was very a beauty this album and it's was one her best albums of her career. All the tracks was a bob (except The Light Coming and Everytime). Love so much this album and i search to buying theses two albums. I am sure that she wasn't so much control of her albums until Dangerous Woman who she started to have more her word about her songs and her songwriting. And she writing all the lyrics of the songs of Sweetener, Thank U Next and Positions.

This topic was topic about Ariana Grande.

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