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Madame X Tour Premiere ~ September 23


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2 minutes ago, MCL_1993 said:

I didn't watch it yet and don't wanna be a downer but… what has that got to do with anything?

Generally there’s more than one subject discussed. People wanna hear more than just the project at hand. Lady Gaga’s BTW had nothing to do with MDNA and her children’s education had nothing to do with Confessions. Yet all these things were discussed during the interviews 

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To be honest black costume and white costume is not for Madonna.

these colors makes Madonna looks very old and tired.

Sometimes I don't understand Madonna's choice. Why does she always insist on wearing black and white clothes that don't look good on her while photoshopped all her pictures because she wants to look young?

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so justin bieber doc is premiering on amazon Oct. 8th. 

YES, there was way too much going on with her look - from the hair, to the outfit, to all the jewelry, and dont get me started on that 'fuck you' hat or whatever that was.

what happened to her ears!?!|! 

I AM WAITING FOR REVIEWS!!! is it a straight concert film or documentary style OR like rebel heart where there were tiny splices of clips.

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