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Madame X Tour Premiere ~ September 23


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3 hours ago, Lum said:

i just posted my comment! it would be amazing if some of y'all could like it :luv:


I'm liking everyone's in this thread too! I hope to see you all there on Wednesday!!

The link you posted goes to your profile picture, not your comment. FYI

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1 minute ago, Brendanlovesu1 said:

Are people going to actually win this contest this time 🙄🙄 we never heard what happend about the last few contests. Nor the ones who supposedly won an autographed vinyl from her

I wonder how they select people for this shit. I assume they don’t want to pick anyone crazy. Also how do they validate if they will actually be in NYC

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On 9/21/2021 at 12:15 PM, Brendanlovesu1 said:

Everyone is so cute. I'm watching a show on Netflix atm called Q-Force about a group of gay spies. Sean Hayes of will & grace fame and the iconic Wanda Sykes are in the cast and its giving me life. Waiting for Madame X force lol

You may have just named the biopic!

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