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Madame X Tour Premiere ~ September 23


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1 minute ago, Enrico said:

I have to say the trailer looks beautiful, so colorful! It seems it really recreates the theatrical experience. A lot of closeups and details.

Still extremely worried about the sound though...


This. I want BASS this time. MDNA and Rebel Heart sound so tinny and flat. There's no "oomph" to the mix.

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There was nothing to trash, it was a great close up experience!!! A lot trashed and didnt go or had shit seats. Nobody could ever say it was a shit show, it was amazing (for what it was supposed to be). Anybody that expected MDNA in a theatre at her age with the front and back stage area their brain testing! It was the most real M we ever got. People expect waaay to much. It was way beyond my expectations!  It might be a 'you had to be there' show but it was electric!! 

I went in with low expectations (but high because its Madonna afterall) but was BLOWN AWAY! 

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1 minute ago, RebelHeart said:

Trailer looks good. Watchable and that's a good sign!

But I hate that she told us about the reshoots, I wish I didn't know about them coz now I see them every time in the trailer :cry:

She did several changes and shot them in a day? theyll just be close ups the cameras missed. Weve had other shots since the Virgin Tour.

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