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Madame X Tour Premiere ~ September 23


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1 hour ago, o_g_c_x said:

I dont like this look at all

Bit more positivity please. Im sure she could look worse, or not even here anymore.  We should all be a bit nicer, not just based on this post (dont mean that)!! Dont shout at me! but a lot of posts ive noticed lately from a few people are downers. People should look at their past posts and wonder if we should all look at all were posting?. She's only human. We all need to be grateful. Put out good vibes and they come back to you :) 

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This Madonna fan account “@madgeluv” was posting some false info earlier, posting a video of Madonna leaving the theater after performing “I Rise.” Clearly that video was from when she was on tour, with different hair.

I checked and exposed that bitch real quick on the comments LMAO!

I fucking hate fan accounts that spread wrong information. Annoying as fuck

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