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Madame X Tour on MTV ???

Manuel X

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1 minute ago, Fighter said:


same reason why artists became influencers... money >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> art. 

Imo it's not a solid reason yet. Literally nobody cares about those TV shows, reasons why MTV is literally forgotten now lol, years ago instead, it was still super popular and useful to take a taste of good music, either old and new

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@Manuel X @Andreo

There's no reason to believe Mtv won't air it here in Italy.

If you want to see it, you need to subscribe to Sky.

I still have to find out if it's available on Now tv, which airs some part of the Sky programmes, like XFactor or the Emmys, for instance, inckuding Mtv. The first month only costs 3 euros.


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10 hours ago, Andreo said:

I'd like to know what motivated them to go from the home of music in TV to shitty reality shows, how did they think it was a cool idea??? 

just to stay alive

nobody watch tv now.  especially for music videos :eyes:

cause  you can watch any music video and listen music through stream services 

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2 hours ago, deathproof said:

Cant you check your TV guide to see what channel and what time it airs?


2 hours ago, Manuel X said:

I think it's still early. It doesn't give me all the programming until October 8th

Yeah only the September programme is available at the moment. Maybe we could try and contact Sky or Now tv...

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@Manuel X @Andreo

A person from NOW TV confirmed that the channel streams MTV live at the same time as Sky. So if MTV Italia airs the show (but the Sky programming for October is not available yet: I just sent an email), you can watch it by subscribing to NOW TV for only 3 euros (first month).

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