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Instagram - extremely slow for anyone?


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Just wondering...is Instagram unusually slow, like, super slow, for anyone when using it on a desktop computer or laptop? 

Whether it be Firefox or Chrome browser, the whole app is just slow as hell. Can barely scroll down an account without getting the spinning wheel that won't load in anymore images, and if it does, sometimes they're just blank squares.  Just opening an image, or clicking on someone's stories and then going back to main page is just brutally slow...sometimes with just a white screen for seconds before something will load in. Just a week ago or so it was fine. Fast as hell. What happened? Tried researching a bunch but can't find any answers as to why, or how to fix? 

Anyone else dealing with the same? Any solutions? (Again, when using Insta on a browser, not the app on a phone).


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7 hours ago, ITG said:

Instagram is not designed for desktop or laptop, hence the name "insta" meaning instant.

That's why it only works properly on phones and ipads.

I've been using Instagram on an iphone, ipad and desktop computer for the past decade and have had no problem with it working on any device. It's usually smooth and lightening fast on a web browser.

In fact, Instagram has made itself more user friendly for use on computers just in the past couple years. Now, you can pretty much do everything on a web browser that you used to only be able to do on the phone or tablet.

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45 minutes ago, Fighter said:

Do you have any addons or plugins installed on your browser? try disabling them or trying another browser...

Yes. I only use 'ublock origin' for my two browsers - Firefox and Chrome - and have never had issues with it slowing anything down.

I did try disabling and even deleting it on both browsers to see if that would make a change, and it did not. Still slow, unfortunately.

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