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Harlem performance Oct. 9, 2021

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43 minutes ago, wonderboy said:

prob Fallon, but why did she tag Dj's Tom&Collins? Remix single coming?



She tagged them because it was their 2015 remix of Bitch I'm Madonna she used in the video on insta - this screenshot is from DrownedMadonna who posted the insta caption with a random MTV picture 

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8 hours ago, yeezuslovesmypussybest said:

Anything but IDSIF please. Hope it will be Crave.

But it probably will be IDSIF.


1.She did it at NYC gay pride club thing. (recently she redo same thing again and again and it's the only song from Madame X album.)

2.recently when she dances, she only do voguing dance repeatedly.

So it probably will be IDSIF.



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What's going on with all the hate? Seriously, guys, let the queen reign. We only get a vague announcement and you jump on everything she does like it's a threat or an opponent. I know, we've grown accustom to #soon and sh*t like that and I hate it. But some of you don't seem like fans to me at all. Reading some posting make me feel like many of you are so biased and opposed to anything she does that it may be the greatest thing ever and you will hate her for it, no matter what.

Also, let's be real for a moment: many of us stopped religiously loving everything that she does because when we were too hyped, we were set up for major disaoppointment, I know.

But let's just go with the flow. Our greatest Madame X fan @Shoful has confirmed that the movie  is amazing and thanks to @PanditaRulez we get to see amazing upscales of her touring catalogue.

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2 hours ago, Enrico said:

What about the full uncut intro typewriter performance? :laughing:

To highlight Malik's dancing and acting skills  :devil:

We all know that You just said it as a joke, but what scary thing is that it's a fully feasible assumption. In the 5-minute performance, Boy Toy's solo intro typewriter performance for 1 minute and 30 seconds, then Vogue Intro for 30 seconds, and then Madonna's IDSIF performance for 3 minutes...


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4 minutes ago, o_g_c_x said:

The performance will be her boyfriend doing the dance intro and she will read the  MX manifesto with grillz and one Fuck you at the end.

I've heard that she will end that performance with a topless and screaming “Death to the patriarchy!”

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It’s really easy being cynical about her public performances, given what we’ve seen over the years. So I get why people b!tch about this announcement. It’s a forum where people express how they feel. Good or bad. 

I don’t care much for karaoke style surprise performances like this years Pride thing but I’m happy for whomever can enjoy it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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