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Madonna for German Radio Station Countdown Top 1000

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Hey Guys!

there is a german radio station called SWR1. On the 25th of october they will start playing a countdown consisting of the top 1000 songs based on votes.

Obviously I want you guys to help me get Madonna into the Top 10 at least.

so please, if you can, vote for Madonna.

it works like that:

you can choose 5 songs and give them points.  Your top pick gets 5 Points and your second 4 and so on…

we should get our votes together and vote for the following songs to which i already got some votes up, but you can also add your own songs.

1) medellin

2) living for love

3) hung up

4) like a prayer

5) vogue

in the second part you have to fill in some information like city and post code. Just use any german postcode like 70173 for the city Suttgart. As email you can make up a fantasy email, just make sure to add @xxx.com

at the end they also ask you to answer a specific question to make sure you are a human. Just use google translate on these! :)

thanks for your help!

i will keep you informed how shes doing!



little note:

This station is very honest with their countdown playlist, so if we put in some effort, they might have to play a bunch of madonna songs :)

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