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6 hours ago, MPowered said:

I suggest we give it HONEST scores instead of trying to paint it as something that it isn't. We aren't Little Monsters, sis.

And yes I gave it a 1/10 and I would do it again. :02:I don't want casual listeners to feel like they gotta watch this embarrassingly bad concert film.

Youre an embarrasing fan. You didnt like 3 mins of it? a 1 which you cant get lower for a performer of her age feeling ill performing for her fans with great moments. The lowest rate you could give anything????? Thats shameful. Go and watch a gaga mess of Mariahs NYE disaster. Then compare. 

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7 hours ago, madonnagreece said:

i believe bad is not the right word. 

in my eyes, whos that girl tour is a BAD tour. but im not spending time to go around badmouthing it.

just because something Madonna does not live up or exceeds expectations, there's not point burying it on our end as fans.

I don't recall madonna fans being assigned the role of advocates for regular viewers...fans are fans and that means support.

I'm guessing you are not a fan so i guess there's no point explaining further.

I am a fan and have been for a very long time. However, I do not support or praise everything she does.

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Besides, who cares about IMDB? Just noticed they gave Truth or Dare a 6.4/10, which is a genuinely good movie. That's really low for IMDB standards. Letterboxd is closer to Truth or Dare's deserved score, at 3.5/5 (7/10). I generally agree with their scores more. On the other hand, they gave Madame X a ridiculously high 3.8/5, which I obviously don't agree with.

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