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*** Madame ❌tra Q&A on Paramount + / Nov 18th 2021 ***


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19 minutes ago, nito84bcn said:

It wasn't so bad as I thought because of the comments here... but I think it's time to move on from Madame X era. Nobody cares at this point anymore. 

I LOVE the album but tbh I really got tired of this Era, after 2.5 years I genuinely don't have any interest or hype for it anymore:rip: I can't wait for her to officially enter a new era, whatever it is, the throwback / movie one or even M15, idc but I can't take anything MX related anymore :Madonna040:

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On 10/23/2021 at 3:39 PM, Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues said:

Why would she even lie about this?

She was also given a chance to be in Chicago and lots of other great movies after Evita and decided for The Next Best Thing and Swept Away, lol

She probably didn't even want us to know how many missed opportunities she had during the years.

Matrix was filmed March-May 1998 right when she was promoting ROL so she physically couldn't do it as she was obliged under her recording contract.

As for Chicago, Music of the Heart and others, i don't think it was her decision to leave

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18 hours ago, Frank said:


Things that happen behind closed doors are not what we see or read. I think it's an adult thing to do on both parts to write "creative differences", no need to create additional drama. From what I've gathered M likes to come with her ideas for the projects that are not hers, and they were just not having it. 

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