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BAD GIRL Appreciation.


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Hello guys, it's been awhile...

Earlier today I watched this the video after LONGGG time lol! I mean WOW, seriously what a video... Everything is just perfect... 

Wanna know your thoughts/memories about this song/video. ♥️

Btw I'm curious to know the exact meaning of this video as someone explain it in the comments & I thought it's really related...

Btw, what did she take from the refrigerator? Can't figure out! 🤔😁👀




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David Fincher made an exquisite video to this song. I love the camera work, the framing, the closeups, longshot, angles and composites (the bartender wiping down to reveal the city night skyline, I think). The break around the middle with the sound effects (mouth spray, cat hissing, etc) is so perfectly choreographed. 

From what I read, Bad Girl was originally intended as a short film / long form music video, I guess similar to the ones Michael Jackson had been making. It would've been a great concept I think.

Musically, I always felt the drum track doesn't do the song any justice. It's a cheap and quickly thrown together mess that Shep also used on In This Life and Playground. The bass could've also been a bit more prominent and why not have Slash do an electric guitar solo. That would've been cool. Can imagine one of those live award show mashups with Guns N Roses doing November Rain and Madonna joins them for Bad Girl? 🤘🎸

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I remember the first time I heard the "Erotica" album and when I finished I started to listen to this song over and over again. I didn't think it was the best song but, don't know why, it was my favorite (and still is from the album).

I remember watching pictures on magazines of her on the set of the video and magazines saying they were taken from "Body of evidence" making of (in fact it was something like "On the set of her last movie", the tittle wasn't on the article). One day I went to the music store just to take a look and when I was in the maxi-singles section  I read "Madonna Bad Girl" and I was like "WTF?" I took the maxi and I remember that when I watched the full cover I was really excited. Of course I bought it and when I played it at home over and over again... Love the extended version (for me the perfect singles would be "Album version / Extended / Instrumental / A new remix", I don't need 20 bored remixes of each song).

That's when I thought "Hey, if there is a single (I've never heard the song on radio and it was 1993 so most of the released were a surprise) there must be a video too..." and I started to watch music programs till I watch it and once again I fell more in love with the song. I think it's one of her perfect singles... Love the song, love the single cover, love the extended version and the video is just a masterpiece.

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