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MEGARATE: First Album era [Results Show - Recap on first page]


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So I ended up getting 52 votes, thanks a lot to everyone! I'll be away for the rest of this week and since people wanted a tiny bit more time to be aware of when the results show will be happening, I can announce that the Results Show will happen next Tuesday, on December 21th, at 3pm EST / 9pm CET. Hope you'll be able to be there! @Holger, @Fernando, @PanditaRulez, @Unruhe, @Fabiolous, @mirtillo, @MisterMistere, @EgoRod, @Andreo, @cybertotor, @chipie, @Room977, @Inco, @voguem


Hi everyone ! Since we'll soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Madonna's career (!!), and due to popular demand, I'll organize a megarate for every single Madonna album. Let's start where it all began, the first album, released in 1983. As requested by most users who participated to the last game, non-album tracks from the same era will also be included.   Rules: - Make sure to know all the songs included in the competition. - Rate each song from 1 to 10. Yo


Might be interested : @Fabiolous@stefo@Karma@Enrico@Tony Fortin@yeezuslovesmypussybest@le0nard0@Andreo@Leandro Gomes@Renato Iodice@GhostOrchid@CYSMM@Matty@gafuller@migsou@RUADJAI@mirtillo@MisterMistere@voguemadonna@shakeyerdix@Polaris@Winn@scamper@Robertthenurse@Danton@jesus@Unruhe@SuperBicycle@Fontainebleau@EgoRod@Homogenic79@CVMAD@chipie@Blond Ambition@truevirgin@mcat@proxy@deathproof@Room977@Shoful@PanditaRulez@Inco@Voguerista@Robertson II@Jet@Nick@Sven@patrice1711@Daphne Du Maurier@cybe

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Great idea It's time to celebrate. For the record I discovered M. in 1984 with the song Holiday and I had the album for my BDay. It reminds me such great memories and I absolutely loved this first album and at the time I would not never have guessed what the future would bring to all of us. She rules forever and ever.

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