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Madonna’s best decisions


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Her best decisions, in my opinion:

1. Releasing Bedtime Stories to cool her image after Erotica. Both albums are very good, but I'm not sure if the public could've/would've endured her much longer if she had continued that overwhelmingly bold image of the Erotica era.

2. Being so persistent in taking on the role of Evita.

3. Deciding to make Truth or Dare/In Bed with Madonna (though it really looked like a pain the ass to do!).

4. Taking an eight-year break with touring after The Girlie Show. Some of her fans complain that Bedtime Stories didn't get a proper tour with it, but after 10+ years in the business and all that goes with it, she most likely just needed a break from the touring schedule.


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I agree with: 

Ditching Babyface and other plans for ROL

Vogue as a single

...my choice:

Bedtime Story video


Geisha segment in DWT tour + Paradise Video + Lo que siente instead of E-Album version 

Live to tell in CT

Opening of MDNA tour

Opening Vogue RIT

Oh Father / Spotlight as Japanese single (great collecting item - allthou might rather b Warners decision)

Beast Within Video/Photoshoot with Klein and THAT dress!!

Ultimately: Truth or Dare - our guidance trhou  our life/passion/dealing with death and BJ on bottles


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