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If Madonna were to pick 3 Ballads....


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Ooh I'm seeing a performance concept here.  I'll get real nerdy for a minute. 

The orchestra starts playing a prolonged intro to "I want you". The stage is dimly lit, smoke is covering the stage floor, Madonna is standing in the middle of the stage as she starts singing the song but we can't see her properly, only her outline and her movement. She's in the dark until the end of the second verse when she sings "Ain't it lonely out there" as the spotlight hits her.  She's wearing a sheer dark purple robe, her hair is in a straight bob cut right over her shoulders. The band is still in the dark. It's only Madonna and her spotlight. 

When she finishes singing the song she takes off her robe and reveals a silver chainmail dress. She lights a cigarette and the orchestra moves onto "Bad girl". The stage lights up and we can see the entire band and her backup singers. 

Towards the end of the song she throws her cigarette onto the floor and lights a ring of fire around her. The orchestra stops playing as she belts out her final "I'm not happy, this way". Her voice still echoes as sirens go off. The light go off one by one, the stage turns pitch black.

It is dimly lit once again and "Messiah" starts playing. We see Madonna singing in the dark once again and as she moves into the chorus, the stage is showered by warm light as she sings "I'll light a candle here in the dark".  She's now wearing a black dress. Towards the end of the song she's joined by a full choir for a powerful ending.


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To be absolutely honest, I think this is the sort of thing that works fine in fans' imaginations, but in real life, it's just a terrible idea. Madonna and an orchestra... The reality of such a pairing would be a nightmare. And it would be boring. How long before she starts dry humping a double bass during the first verse? She needs those 808s and autotuned live vocals and those tits out moments, not an orchestra, how can she disturb the peace with a string quartet? ?

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