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Madonna Back In The Studio!


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21 minutes ago, yeezuslovesmypussybest said:

Is it though? Bitch I'm Madonna is nothing like any other Madonna song, Crave is nothing like any other Madonna song, Future is nothing like any other Madonna song etc etc etc.

It will 100% be repetitive to people who hate unapologetic black music, because they will react the same to every song.

Confessions is just as much of a 'dress up', 'culture vulture', 'cynical and opportunistic' moment of concious marketing as Rebel Heart or Madame X. And releasing an EDM/disco record in her 40s makes just as little sense as Madame X in her 60s.

The entire philosophy of Madonna's artistry is exploring new styles, experimenting and challenging herself to adapt to new (or old) cultures and musical expressions. Her entire discography can be considered 'dress up' if that's how you see it.

We are all allowed to love and hate songs/albums. The point I'm making is that if all the songs/albums you hate happen to be unapologetically black, then you are anti-black. It's that simple.

Case in point.

You dont seem to understand do you? HER RECENT COLABORATIONS ARE HATED BECAUSE THEY SUCK!!!! NOT BECAUSE THE MUSICANS ARE BLACK, SHE HAS WORKED WITH BLACK ARTISTS IN THE PAST AND FANS LIKE THOSE, that goes for Crave also. Once she actually releases a quality collaboration I will like it. I dont want her to repeat Confessions, I want her to make fun music again. Not all the problems in her career lately can be placed on the shoulders of racism. She could collaborate with Ed Sheeran and the song would suck ballsack, Ed Sheeran is not black is he? I despise MDNA with a passion and that album is dance, the collaboration with Nicki Minaj is not even the worst track on that abomination. I dislike some of her 80s and 90's stuff also, does that mean I hate all white artists she has ever worked with? dont bother responding if your gonna repeat your same old stupid claim.

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4 minutes ago, yeezuslovesmypussybest said:

You used your personal opinions as an example to counteract a point about anti-black Madonna fans?

Its not that complicated lol, I dislike and I enjoy a lot of her recent work and it really has nothing to do with the artists she is working with being black or not. I happen to think Crave is an amazing song and should have been lead single. I also think you are overestimating the number of Anti Black Madonna fans.

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13 hours ago, yeezuslovesmypussybest said:

This is just a list of some of the people she has worked with. Fans have had problems with nearly all of them:

Working with Starrah unleashed a ton of racist comments to the point that Madonna has to make an IG post about it. Hard Candy is openly hated due to Timbaland/Pharrell/Kanye's hip-hop, rap and r&b influences. Justin Timberlake (and Mike Dean) may be white but the music they created is 100% black influences... both disliked by (anti-black) fans.

Kanye's production on Rebel Heart was also targetted as well as endless complaints of her featuring Nicki Minaj, Chance, Nas, Mike Tyson. Swae Lee being on Madame X got backlash before anyone even heard the song - same thing happened again last month with pics of them in the studio.

There is a major difference between unapologetically black music (rap, hiphop, trap, r&b) and black music that is easily accessible by white people and often has its black history erased (motown, house, disco, poppy r&b) which happen to be the projects that anti-black Madonna fans tolerate the best. Same reason that the house and disco influences on Erotica and praised while the hip-hop influences and rap feature are considered skips (despite being the most integral part of the albums theme). This is the case for Nile Rogers and Stephen Bray.

Even with the R&B influences on Bedtime Stories being as pop and accessible as possible, it is still one of her most overlooked and underrated albums. The most r&b and trip-hop influenced songs are again considered skips despite being the most integeral to the project, while the pop songs (which are the weakest imo) are the favourite.

The only collabs I can think of that those fans were 100% happy with were Britney Spears and Dua Lipa... even though Levitating embarrassed her legacy more than anything else. 

Anti-black Madonna fans DO exist - there as never a question of that. I could go on and on.

Hey. I hear some of your points but I also think you veer into making some points that don't add up 100%

The Starrah thing yes I do remember that actually now you mention it.  The Timbo Pharrell thing was largley because that moment musically had passed and was on the backfoot. Everybody loved Loose , Love Angel Music Baby & Future / Love/ Sex / Sounds no? and werent fans clammoring for Beat Goes On with Kanye to be a single big time as well as Timbalands classic sound of Devil Wouldn't Recognise you? Wasn't It Spanish Lesson, Incredible and Voices that were getting all the hate?

Bedtime Stories is widely recognised as a fan favourite album that performed badly at the time because she was in a career lull. Many fans refer to the weakest track being the poppiest one. "Don't Stop".  The same with Erotica. Waiting is an album highlight and although it's just an aside / bonus / remix etc "Did You Do It" is essentially giving the misogynistic male perspective which beautifully give another depth to her message. 

I also think Nikki Minaj got a lot of flack because she's hella problematic and featured on not one but three of Madonnas songs across two successive projects. Who else has had that? It was a case of ugh not again etc. GMAYL was not loved but Bitch was divisive more because of the Diplo / Sophie production, Nikki is fire on it IMO. Nas / Chance were also fire on the album as were Swae and Quavo on X.

and for the record I think the Britney & Justin collabs are some of the worst of her career and I've never heard much to the contrary tbh, and the DUA remix was bloody slated by most including the Dua fans who thought it was an abomination and the Blessed Madonna got hate mail. Let's not rewrite that one. 

"There is a major difference between unapologetically black music (rap, hiphop, trap, r&b) and black music that is easily accessible by white people and often has its black history erased (motown, house, disco, poppy r&b) which happen to be the projects that anti-black Madonna fans tolerate the best."

I mean...I don't wholly disagree tbh but we are coming from a pop / rock / dance background. 

Isn't "unapologetically black" problematic to the black community itself? What's black enough? Disco is queer / black / latinx protest music as much as hip-hop...just as hip-hop will often veer into party, drink, dance,  get wild music. As is Jazz and Rock N Roll. I'm not blind to what you are saying and maybe Madonnas wanted these type of collaborations her whole career but Warner were just not into it. 

and yes anti-black Madonna fans do exist of course they do, I don't think anyone is denying that and it's correct to be mindful / aware of it. I just think there's more damage and ill feeling created on all sides when we specifically broad brushstroke over musical tastes with racism. Specifically when it's a fan base bought up on pop music by an artist we all know and love to be highly influenced by other cultures. 

Just some thoughts  x

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1 minute ago, yeezuslovesmypussybest said:

This is just you sharing you opinions on certain songs and features? My points were about the racially motivated comments that were made by anti-black fans.

Nicki Minaj wasn't considered problematic until 2017-2018, so that is false. And again, your comments on Nas/Chance are your opinion. I was speaking on the racially motivated comments that were made by anti-black fans.

And again, your comments on Britney/Justin are your opinon - The point I made was that her collaborations with Britney/Dua were the most encouraged by fans, which is true. Blessed Madonna got roasted by the general public and stan twitter, Madonna fans barely made a squeak.

It's really telling how you haven't really countered any points I made yet still got likes and support. It's sad because I always take time to read your think-piece posts because you always have something intelligent and informed to say.. To see you of all people go to these lengths to make excuses for anti-black fans is embarrassing.


My point was 100% focused on anti-black fans specifically and no one else. And you just made all that effort to take it apart...

I definitely dont deny that there is a certain bias against Madonna working with certain black styles of music, like some people dont like Bedtime Stories because of the R&B but I dont think that the majority of Madonna fans are totally deadset against her doing stuff with black artists. Just that nobody wants to see her feeling like a feature on her own album. Im just really conflicted about how I feel about Collaborations as a whole.

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