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Madonna leaving Kaney west party (Video)


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1 hour ago, danMfan said:

that guy taking a selfie with her


Priceless! LOL

49 minutes ago, proxy said:

And this dude, he really did this :dead:


They both look strange...

49 minutes ago, Andreo said:

Why there's always an annoying gay who has to repeat stuff like "I luv u Legend, kween" whenever a star like her is leaving an hotel :dead:

Because, gays do it worst (just kiding)

33 minutes ago, baymad4her said:

Which one is Madonna

the one not in the picture

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8 hours ago, Prince of Darkness said:

 Does anyone even know what all this stuff was even about? she seems to be hanging out with a lot of rappers right now, get ready for a whole remix album of her classics, lead vocals by Kanye West and Swae Lee with Madonna as a feature.


She said she was meeting with Julia Fox to talk about her movie, and Julia is dating Kanye. Maybe she wants to cast her as Debi Mazar.

‘Uncut Gems’ star Julia Fox knows she looks like Debi Mazar


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